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What we do

We work on novel sensing and artificial intelligence technologies and methods for healthcare and wellbeing applications. We develop novel technologies from sensing devices, embedded intelligence, IoT security and system, to wearable robotics and autonomic robots with the aim of improving patient care, health and wellbeing. 

Why it is important: 

The low-cost sensing devices can provide continuous and pervasive monitoring of the patients’ health and which enable the capturing of transient but life-threatening conditions allowing the introduction of early intervention. In addition, long term health monitoring can capture detailed disease progresses and which could better our understanding on health and diseases. These sensing devices will generate vast volume of data will lead to challenges in data analysis and security, and artificial intelligent methods will be an essential component to mine the vast volume of health data, protect the system from malicious attacks, and to extract clinically relevant information for accurate diagnosis. 

How it can benefit patients:

The current health service is already overloaded with limited resources and overwhelming demands, and it has faced an unprecedent challenge of handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the health services have to be delivered remotely through remote diagnosis and care.  The low-cost sensing technologies could enable the heath service to provide quality care remotely. The continuous monitoring capability of the internet connected intelligent sensors will provide the needed detailed information for the general partitioners to monitor their patients in their local communities in order to provide timely diagnosis and treatments.