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Autonomous Robot for Surgery

With the rapid advances in artificial intelligence and surgical robotics, surgical robotics has undergone a transformation towards semi-autonomous or fully autonomous. Following the introduction of surgical robot, robotic surgery has been rapidly adopted for surgical operations gradually replacing some laparoscopic approaches to become the preferred method of operations. NOTES (Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery) is considered as the next major paradigm shift in surgery. NOTES enables examination and intervention on a patient's internal organs and anatomy through natural orifices without the need for external incision. Novel surgical systems have been proposed for enabling NOTES, either through introducing flexible robotic instruments based on a rigid robotic base or a fully flexible robotic system. In parallel, much research has been focused on automating specific surgical tasks with surgical robots with the aim of easing the complexity of performing multi-port minimially invasive surgery or NOTES operations. Our research focuses on the development of autonomic approaches for robotic surgeries, and our recent work: